Product Summary

The control panel allows direct control of PSO parameters and toolbox settings.  Select from algorithms such as Gbest PSO, Lbest PSO, RegPSO, GCPSO, MPSO, and OPSO via simple switches.  Activate or de-activate time-varying inertia weight, asymmetric initialization, velocity clamping, position clamping, an array of graph types, histories of important variables, and much more.  Specify the number of trials, maximum number of function evaluations or iterations, contour map quality, font size, line width, and much more — with values recommended for your convenience.


The industrial strength PSO Research Toolbox empowers the researcher with tremendous capabilities and a significant degree of control!

PSO particles (numbering optional) can be observed traversing the contour map (color optional) of the selected benchmark.  Personal and global bests can be monitored via optional black tags.

To assist with thesis study, I developed an extensive MATLAB PSO toolbox suitable for industrial, academic, and personal use.  The product documentation includes an introductory walk through.

MATLAB PSO Research Toolbox

George Evers, MSE

Electrical Engineer

· Specify the desired PSO algorithm.

· Watch PSO particles fly through the search space.

· Enjoy quick execution.

· Minimize hard coding by setting all PSO parameters in the control panel.

· Automatically validate inputs.

· Automatically generate statistics for each set of PSO trials conducted.

· Automatically increment benchmarks with each new set of PSO trials.

· Automatically organize statistics over multiple sets of PSO trials into tables.

· Automatically title PSO figures.

· Automatically generate PSO legends.

· Auto-save PSO figures to any format.

· Specify which PSO data to retain in order to reduce memory consumption and maximize execution speed.

· Incrementally save PSO data for reconstruction upon completion in order to further improve speed and avoid memory overflow.

· Automatically save PSO workspaces using descriptive, transparent file names including time stamps.

· Automatically estimate completion time with excellent accuracy!

· Free yourself from the computer by listening for an automatic “choo choo” sound upon completion.

· The PSO code is well commented.

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